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Greetings! Welcome to Math, Science, Engineering and Public Safety at Las Positas College!

Dr. Neal Ely, Dean of Division IIIDr. Neal Ely
Dean, Academic Services
Phone: (925) 424-1182
Fax: (925) 456-0673


My name is Dr. Neal Ely, and I am the Dean of this academic division, where we offer some of the top programs anywhere in the areas of Mathematics, Science, Engineering, Horticulture, Public Sector programs (Administration of Justice, Fire Science Technology, and Emergency Medical Technician), Design Technology, and our newest program, Viticulture and Winery Technology (VWT). We offer an array of programs leading to certificates, two-year degrees, or transfer to four-year universities, as well as programs that provide professional development or meet general education requirements.

The new Viticulture and Winery Technology Program is designed to prepare students for careers in the wine industry, and students may enter the program at the level most suited to their needs. The Program will provide students with the knowledge and skills in either of two tracks, Viticulture (grape growing) or Enology (wine making). Please visit the Program's Web site for more information.

Our Mathematics Department, besides offering the usual complete range of mathematics classes, has been pioneering in using instructional software such as Maple, Excel, and MATLAB to provide the best possible preparation for our transfer students. We have also instituted the use of additional lab hours, computer labs and an Open Math Lab to benefit all of our students at all levels. We have a rigorous program, and I am confident that there is none better in the area and none more committed to student success.

Our Science program is centered in our recently opened Science and Technology Center and offers programs in Biology, Chemistry, Geology, Geography, and Physics and Astronomy. Las Positas College has one of the highest transfer rates of any community college in the state, and no where is that more evident than in our science programs. We have found that our students transferring as science majors to four-year universities are often better prepared than those students at those four-year schools who began there as freshmen. Similarly, students transferring in non-science programs or those working towards their Associate Degree can choose from a wide variety of interesting and challenging classes to meet their science requirements.

Over the past several years, our Engineering Transfer Program has become one of the most dynamic programs at the College. Our engineering students transfer to schools such as UC Davis, Cal Poly, Cal State Hayward, UC Berkeley, San Jose State, and the University of the Pacific, among others. We have special agreements with Cal State Hayward in Industrial Engineering, and with UC Davis in Optical Science and Engineering. The exciting program in Optical Science and Engineering is one of only four such programs at the undergraduate level in the country.

As noted above, the Division is home to our Public Sector programs, and includes our partnership with the Alameda County Sheriff's Department for their Sheriff's Academy. We also offer a degree and transfer program in Administration of Justice, degree and certificate programs in Fire Sevice Technology, as well as our program leading to an EMT-1 certification.

The Division also offers vocational programs such as the VWT Program mentioned above, Horticulture, and in Laser Technology, the latter done in conjunction with our partners at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, which creates unique opportunities for our students.

I am very proud of our award-winning faculty and staff, our programs, and our facilities, which compare favorably with the best four-year schools (as well as other community colleges) anywhere in the state. I was recently told by an adjunct faculty member that our Biology laboratory was actually better equipped than the one she used to teach undergraduate biology in at UC Berkeley! Please explore the Division's Web site and the links to our programs to find out more information and don't hesitate to contact me, my staff, or our faculty if you have any questions about how we can help you achieve your educational goals. I wish you success in your educational endeavors.