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Transfer Preparation for Engineering


Engineering is a demanding major. You must have an aptitude for mathematics and be able to earn better than average grades.

Engineering is an impacted major on most campuses because the number of applicants to engineering programs exceeds the number that can be accepted. Because of this, admission is extremely competitive. To maximize your chances of transfer into any four-year school, you must complete all of the lower division requirements before transfer. The minimum GPA required for admission varies from college to college. See your counselor for this information.

Las Positas offers most of the lower-division courses that are needed to fulfill the lower-division requirements for a four-year degree in Engineering. It is important to know that each four-year school has its own engineering major and each one may have slightly different requirements. See your counselor for assistance in planning your program.


  • Chemistry 1A* (General College Chemistry) -- 5 units
  • Engineering 10 (Introduction to Engineering) -- 2 units
  • Engineering 20 (Engineering Graphics) -- 2 units
  • Engineering 21 (Descriptive Geometry) -- 3 units
  • Math 1 (Analytic Geometry and Calculus I) -- 5 units
  • Math 2 (Analytic Geometry and Calculus II) -- 5 units
  • Physics 8A (General Physics I) -- 5 units
  • Physics 8B (General Physics II) -- 5 units
  • Computer Science 1 (Computing Fundamentals) -- 4-5 units


  • English 1A (Critical Reading and Composition) -- 3 units
  • Engineering 35 (Statics) -- 3 units
  • Engineering 44 (Introduction to Circuit Analysis) -- 3 units
  • Engineering 45 (Materials of Engineering) -- 3 units
  • Mathematics 3 (multivariable Calculus) -- 5 units
  • Mathematics 5 (Differential Equations with Computer Applications) -- 3 units
  • Physics 8C (General Physics III) -- 5 units
  • Physics 8D** (General Physics IV) -- 5 units
  • Speech 1 (Fundamentals of Speech Communications) -- 3 units

* Chemical Engineering and Materials Engineering majors should also take Chemistry 1B

** Physics 8D may not be required by some universities for specific engineering majors

Students interested in majoring in engineering should discuss their course planning with a counselor to ensure they are following the guidelines for transferring to a four-year college.

Students interested in pursuing a degree in Optical Science Engineering should take Engineering 15 in the freshman year.


The engineering transfer preparation program outlined above is for transfer and does not confer a degree. It is based on recommendations of the California Engineering Liaison Committee and is designed to prepare the student for junior standing upon transfer to universities in California in any major branch of engineering. This program requires high school preparation including: trigonometry, pre-calculus mathematics, physics, chemistry, mechanical drafting, and English.

The program outlined above fulfills typical lower-division requirements at four-year transfer institutions. Some variation in requirements may exist at a particular four-year college or university; therefore, it is essential that the student also refer to the catalogs of the prospective transfer institution and consult a counselor.

Because engineering is an impacted major on most campuses, admission is determined, in part, by completion of all of the lower division requirements for that particular campus. Specific course requirements for CSU and UC can be found on the ASSIST website, which is the official source for California articulation. See your counselor if you need assistance in interpreting the information you find in ASSIST.