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Geology Course Descriptions

EarthGEOL 1A (Physical Geology)
4 units     Transfer: CSU, UC

Introduction to the forces and materials that shape the Earth. Emphasis on plate tectonics, volcanoes, earthquakes, hydrology, erosion, beach systems, environmental geology, rocks, minerals and geologic maps. 3 hours lecture, 3 hours laboratory. (CAN GEOL 2).

GEOL 1B (Historical Geology)
4 units     Transfer: CSU, UC

Evolutionary geology of earth. Emphasis on sedimentary processes, sedimentary rocks, their fossils and structures. Prerequisite: Geology 1A or 10. 3 hours lecture, 3 hours laboratory.

GEOL 10 (Introduction to Geology)
3 units     Transfer: CSU, UC*

Earthquakes, volcanism, and plate tectonics as shapers of the earth's surface. Formation and use of energy and material resources. Origin and history of prehistoric life. May not be taken for credit if Geology 1A or 1B has been completed. 3 hours.

GEOL 10L (Introduction to Geology Laboratory)
1 unit     Transfer: CSU, UC*

Introduction to materials and techniques of geology. Includes maps, minerals, rocks, and fossils. Prerequisite: Geology 10 (may be taken concurrently). 3 hours laboratory.

GEOL 12 (Introduction to Oceanography)
3 units     Transfer: CSU, UC

Introduction to the oceans, their history and topography; physical and chemical properties of sea water; causes and effects of currents, tides, and waves; distribution of marine resources; sea floor sediments; tectonics and paleomagnetism. 3 hours.

GEOL 15 (Environmental Geology)
3 units     Transfer: CSU, UC

Modification of natural systems (e.g., rivers and drainages, dams, groundwater, slopes, deforestation, shoreline systems, etc.), water disposal (e.g., solid wastes, landfills, drinking water, smog, acid rain, radioactive wastes, mining wastes, etc.), and other environmental geohazards (e.g., as associated with earthquakes, volcanoes, flooding, landslides, etc.). 3 hours.

GEOL 21 (Geology of the West)
3 units     Transfer: CSU, UC

Geological features of the West. Examples drawn from the Grand Canyon, sierras, rocky Mountains, and the western national parks to illustrate the processes of geology. Prerequisite: Geology 10 (completed with a grade of "C" or higher). 3 hours.