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Your opportunity to become part of the California wine scene!

Introducing Las Positas College’s newest program, Viticulture and Winery Technology! The Viticulture and Winery Technology (VWT) Program is designed to prepare students for careers in the wine industry. Courses will help individuals develop practical skills to enter a career in a variety of positions, or increase their career advancement opportunities.

The wine industry in California is a vast one, and is one of the state’s signature industries which enjoys an international reputation. Viticulture alone is California’s second largest agricultural industry, generating in excess of 2.4 billion dollars each year to the grape growers. This amount is multiplied many times over as the grapes are processed, marketed, sold, and consumed as fine wines.

The Livermore Wine Country is a thriving wine region in the San Francisco Bay Area. Sharing the picturesque canyons and ridges of the area with outposts of suburbia, the welcoming sight of vines and tasting rooms defines the quality of life in the Valley. The Livermore Valley is one of California's oldest wine regions and played a pivotal role in shaping California's wine industry. Attracted to the rich winemaking tradition, climate, soil and geography, new winemakers and vineyardists are working alongside fifth generation winegrowers to create a Livermore wine renaissance.

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