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Succeeding in an Online Course tutorial quizzes
Information about the quizzes
  • Lessons were written in modular format so students can complete specific lessons without having to complete the entire tutorial.

  • Quizzes were written for each lesson. For those of you who want to give a comprehensive test, the final test is a compilation of all of the tutorial’s quiz questions.

  • There are 5 questions in each lesson, with the exception of Lesson 2, which has 20 questions because it is the main lesson in the tutorial. The comprehensive test contains 50 questions.

  • Questions were written in the order that their corresponding text appears in the tutorial. You might want to randomize the questions.

  • All questions are worth 1 point each. If you want to change the point value, you will have to modify each quiz, and enter a new point value for each question.

  • All of the questions are objective questions, meaning that Blackboard will grade everything.

  • No feedback was written into any of the answers. If students need a refresher, they can simply go back to the tutorial.

  • Fill out the Quiz request form on the left if you want the quizzes. I will upload them into the Test Manager of your course(s). You will have to deploy them into whatever content area of your course(s) that you want. You can also Modify the Test Options with any options you want.

  • When changes are made to questions, I’ll alert you via email. Click the Log of changes link on the left to see all of the changes that have been made.