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Welcome to English 104!

Welcome to English 104! This semester, I will help you develop the building blocks of strong writing. These building blocks will support all the writing you do from here on, whether in English 1A, in other college courses, in the workplace, or in your personal life. The ability to communicate one's ideas is one of the most important attributes of a successful person-consider the downsides of being a politician who can't communicate with her constituents, a business owner who can't communicate with his employees, an actress who can't communicate with her audience, or a husband who can't communicate with his wife. So, while this course demands a strong commitment, the rewards are great-improvements in your writing and excitement about your future as a writer and effective communicator.

This course is impacted and accelerated-you have the best chance of succeeding in it if your English assessment tests are close to English 1A eligibility and you have strong study skills. It can be a great refresher for students who had weak grammar instruction in high school, and also for students who write well but need help with reading comprehension and critical thinking. For many students, however, taking both English 100A and 100B, instead of the accelerated 104, may be a better route. Reviewing and learning the concepts of critical thinking, grammar, style, and organization at a slower pace often yields greater benefits to one's writing in the long run. This is especially true for students with lower assessment test scores, students who speak and write in English as a second language, and/or students with heavy school, work, and/or family commitments. Another choice for students who speak and write in English as a second language might be ESL 24 and 25. Both are excellent writing courses that are transferable to the CSU and UC systems. Please come talk to me if you are at all uncertain of which LPC writing courses are best for you.

This Web site will present course information in a slightly different format than the printed syllabus. Use the bar on the left to link to textbook information, policies on grading, the course schedule, handouts, and the like. I will periodically update the site, mainly to reflect schedule changes and make recent handouts available for downloading. If you are ever forced to be absent, log on to check the schedule and download any handouts you missed. Finally, call a classmate to find out what was discussed or worked on in class. If you follow these steps, you can rest assured that you will arrive back in class with all required assignments completed and ready to be submitted on time!

Again, welcome. I look forward to our semester together!


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