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The following INTERACTIVE LESSONS WITH EXERCISES will help you learn and practice grammar, punctuation, and writing skills. Begin at the site suggested by your instructor or the instructional assistant.

These sites are in addition to the companion site for A Writer's Reference.

Be sure to visit the LPC English Department's RAW site for additional lessons and resources.




Guide to Grammar and Writing

Capital Community College

Exercise Central from Bedford/St. Martin's

Purdue's Online Writing Lab

Nut and Bolts of College Writing

Charles Darling's drop-down menus for lessons and exercises covering grammar to essay writing and research

Evelyn Farbman's
on-line lessons and exercises for everything from grammar to essay writing and research

Dozens of exercises, including a diagnostic test: Click on Basic Study Plan for grammar and punctuation or Comprehensive Plan (which has the diagnostic)

Purdue's Online Writing Lab with lessons and printable exercises on every writing subject

Michael Harvey's lessons and exercises covering everything from page margins to argumentative style

  • easy to use drop-down menus
  • clear lessons
  • good interactive quizzes
  • good drop-down menus
  • starts from the most basic level
  • not necessarily linear
  • master tests must be submitted to an instructor or assistant
  • Multiple exercises
  • Many different skill areas including style and revision
  • Answers are available to students; not a testing site



  • quick review lessons
  • good additional writing resources
  • Huge database
  • many exercises are printable but not always interactive
  • good place to go for working on the entire writing process shows grammar in the context of more complex writing skills
  • finding specific grammar skills can difficult because of the organization
  • Text heavy



Additional Resources:

Resource List from Rutgers (Jack Lynch)

Real Writing Open Resources