Oceanography Exam 2 Info
Covers pp. 1-5 and Chapters 1, 2, 3 & 4
+Marine Life ID from Ch. 12-15
Black Smoker Life: pp. 87-93; 351-352; 459-464
Microplankton: pp. 106-111; 382-383 ; Corals: pp. 63-65; 452-458

+Study Guide pp. A1-A83

  • will have photo ID, sample ID and Island Volcano Geology
    • Rm 1824 during my office and lab hours
      Practice sea-floor samples
  • Review your textbook photos!
  • the exam is comprehensive
    and is tougher than the first exam
  • +Scantron 882 + #2 pencil and GOOD eraser  

Exam 2 Topics

  1. Sea Floor Geology
    Seismic Reflection: Tutorial
    Black Smoker Life
    Marine Life Identification
    Marine Geography

  2. Ocean Intro
    size, major oceans, depth, marine units

  3. +Formation of the Earth and Oceans
    differentiation, continents, ocean floor
    atmosphere and oceans

  4. +Plate Tectonics




Recommended Videos:  


Video seen in class:
Fire Under the Sea MV 23224
Very brief synopsis
Another very brief synopsis
Another very brief synopsis

Film seen in class:
Volcano: Surtsey -
not on video; only available for viewing once during class time;
not available outside of class
Very brief synopsis
Info about Surtsey Island
Surtsey - more detailed geologic info