Historical Geology
Historical Geology deals with the history of the earth, fossils, ancient environments,
paleontology, sedimentology and stratigraphy. 4 units total: 3 units lecture, 1 unit lab.
 Prerequisite: The course is open to all students who are interested and
who have completed either Geology 1 and 1lab (or the old Geology 10 and 10 Lab).

Course Fundamentals to Learn: Course Outline

To meet course requirements, complete the following:

A.  Lecture (3 units)

  1. Read at least one Historical Geology textbook
    textbook to be authorized by the professor
    see Course Outline above for concepts to focus on
  2. Lecture Exams

B.  Lab (3 hours/week; minimum)

  1. Complete all lab exercises in a published Historical Geology lab manual
    Lab manual to be authorized by the professor
  2. Lab Practical Exam on basic fossil specimen identification


Half-Life Practice Sets