Oceanography Laboratory Schedule
RL Hanna  Spring 2002

Tue Jan 22

Oceanography on the InterNet:-- Tides, Coastline Marine Conditions, etc.
Marine Life Potpourri Self-Paced Slide Show

Tue Jan 29

Bathymetry: Constructing Maps & Profiles
Marine Conditions Review: internet

Tue Feb 5

Oceanic Geography and Marine Life
Bathymetry Review; Marine Conditions Review

Tue Feb 12

Marine Life

Tue Feb 19

Magnetic Stripes; Plate Tectonics & Sea-Floor Spreading
Bathymetry Review; Marine Fossil Pre-Lab

Tue Feb 26

Marine Fossils
Marine Life Quiz; Seismic Reflection Pre-Lab

Tue Mar 5

Seismic Reflection profiles
Marine Fossils Review Quiz and Seashells PowerPoint SlideShow
Microplankton Pre-Lab

Tue Mar 12

Microplankton - microscopes
Seismic Reflection Review; Archimedes Pre-Lab

Tue Mar 19

Seawater Physics: Archimedes Principle Experiment
Sea Floor Geology Sample Boxes + Practice Quiz
Microplankton Review Quiz; Seismic Reflection Review

Seawater Part 1 Pre-Lab

Tue Mar 26

Seawater Experiments Part 1:
pH, salinity, refraction, surface tension and buoyancy
Archimedes Practice Review; Seismic Reflection Review
Seawater Part 2 Pre-Lab

Tue Apr 2

Spring Break

Tue Apr 9

Seawater Experiments Part 2: haloclines, pycnoclines and thermoclines
Archimedes Practice Review

Tue Apr 16

Lab Manual Exercise

Tue Apr 23

Lab Manual Exercise

Tue Apr 30

      Student Self-Paced Practice Review Lab

o       Bathymetry Review

o       Seismic Reflection Interpretation and Calculation Review

o       Sea Floor Rock Review; Sand Review

o       Marine Life; Rm 1824 PC computers

o       Marine Fossil Review (including microplankton)

o       Marine Conditions on the Internet Review

o       Archimedes Review; pH and Salinity Review

Tue May 7

Lab Practical Exam

Tue May 14

Diving Physics Demo and Discussion

Tue May 21

Your Own Lab/Field Trip Demo