Carol Edson
Geology 200

Shauna Edson
Geology 2001

Judy Deliramich
Geology 2000

Linda Adams
Geology 1999

Nicole Burns
Geology 1999

Nannette Gravel
Earth Sciences 1999

Tina Holden
Environmental Studies 1999

Calvin Kuntze
Geology 2010

Gilbert Criste
Geology 2002

Bethany LaBreche
Geology 2001

Ann Fuellenbach
Environmental Studies 1998

Michael Furuyama
Wildlife Management 1998

Kathleen Morgan
Geophysics 1997

Jeremiah Brantner
Geology 1995





To earn this citation, a student must complete the following LPC courses with a minimum of A or B grades:

1. at least 3 of the following lecture courses:
Geology 10, 12, 15, 1B, Geography 1, 8 and Astronomy 10

2. at least 1 of the following laboratory courses:
Geology 10L, Geology 12L, Geography 1L and Astronomy 30L

3. at least 2 of the following supplemental, related Earth Science Courses:
Ecology, Biology, Astronomy, Chemistry, Physics and/or Calculus

4. at least 2 of the following Earth Science Exploratory Studies categories:
a) Colloquium
b) Independent Study
c) Tutoring
d) Lab Assistant


To all students who are interested in this citation: This citation is an award - it is not a degree or a college certificate program. For more information regarding this citation, interested students should consult with their Geology or Geography instructor. For information regarding college degrees and/or certificate programs, please consult the LPC Counseling Office.


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