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Geology course materials


LPC Geology Courses include:

·       Physical Geology 1

·       Physical Geology 1 Lab

·       Historical Geology 3

·       Historical Geology 3Lab

·       Oceanography Geology 12

·       Oceanography Geology 12Lab

·       Environmental Geology 5: Natural Hazards & Disasters

·       Environmental Geology 7: Natural Resources & Pollution

























·        Phys. Geo 1 Lab Links/Info

o   Geology 1 Lab Syllabus/FAQ/Handbook

o   Lab Manual: Website for Students

o   PreLabs and Weekly Quizzes

o   How to fold your Livermore Topographic Map

o   How to fold the Block Models from your AGI lab manual

o   Midterm: Rocks and Minerals

§  Virtual Rock and Mineral Box; + On-Line Quizzes

o   Final Exam: Maps + 

§  Strike and Dip Practice

§  On-Line Geologic Map Review and Practice

§  Extra Credit Mineral Chemistry Practice Quizzes

o   Field Trip Info

§  BLANK Field Trip Photo Notes Page - blank for printing + field trip checklist (pdf file)

§  How it will be graded, what to write and what not to write, etc.

§  Field Trip Photo Notes Page Examples (pdf file)

§  A list of maps for the East Bay Regional Park District

§  Old Field Trip Locations and Ideas