Professor Hanna leading a Geology Field Trip in Sunol Park
Geologist R.L. Hanna
LPC Bay Area Geology Field Trip
to Sunol Regional Park.
Photo taken by an energetic LPC student.


Professor Hanna inspecting soft coral along the reefs of Palau

 R.L. Hanna - LPC Geology Instructor
Room 1824, 1828 or 1829 in the Science Center
or Rm 2420 (lecture hall)
Phone #: 424-1319

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Professional and Educational Background
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In the picture above, Professor Hanna 
is inspecting some soft coral on the 
sheer-wall-dropoff of the Palau barrier reef.

Professional and Educational Background

M.S. and B.S. degrees in Geology
with an emphasis in Geophysics

 M.S. in Geology
with an emphasis in geophysics
University of California
at Davis
4.0 GPA
 Graduate Records Examination (GRE) for Geology: Score=760 (>98%)
 B.S. in Geology with the
UCD Geology Dept. Citation
University of California
at Davis
3.94 GPA
with Highest Honors
 A.A. in General Studies Hartnell College,
Salinas, CA
3.96 GPA

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click to find out moreAfter completing the M.S. geology degree (1988), R.L. Hanna worked for over 2 years (1988-1990) as a Petroleum Exploration Geophysicist for Unocal Oil Co. and then decided to quit that profession to seek a position as a Community College Geology Instructor. In 1991, R.L. Hanna accepted the position as Geology Instructor at Las Positas College. In 1996 and 1999, Prof. Hanna received the ASLPC Instructor of the Year Awards.

In addition to experience in the Oil Exploration Industry, Prof. Hanna has experience working for the United States Geological Survey as a Geophysicist at the USGS headquarters at Cal Tech in Pasadena - as well as experience writing GeoHazard/Evaluation reports as the Geologist for a Geo-Engineering firm in Monterey County.

In 1993, while teaching courses in Oceanography at click to find out more LPC, Prof. Hanna decided to become a certified diver in order to be able to explain the physics of diving to the Oceanography students. Since that time, Prof. Hanna has earned dive ratings as a Divemaster and a Master Scuba Diver with certifications as a Research Diver, Underwater Naturalist, Night Diver, Equipment Specialist, Dry Suit Diver, DAN O2 and Nitrox Specialist.

As a diver, Prof. Hanna has experience in the following locations:
The Pacific Hawaiian Islands: Maui, Lanai, Molokini, Kauai, Oahu and the Big Island of Hawaii
The Western Pacific: Fiji and PALAU!!! 
The Atlantic Caribbean: the islands of Bonaire, Cozumel and Caicos; and freshwater cenote

spinning earth
diving in the Yucatan Peninsula
California cold water kelp forests: Monterey,
Carmel Bay, Mendocino County, and the Channel Islands in Southern California



Special Highlights of these excursions include:

Links to some web-sites with info on some of the above topics

At Las Positas College, Prof. Hanna presently conducts courses in the following:

Geology 10 Physical Geology
Geology 10 Lab Physical Geology Lab
Geology 12 Oceanography
Geology 12 Lab Oceanography Lab
Geology 15 Environmental Geology
Geology Colloquium Geology and Oceanography of Hawaii
Geology Colloquium World Geology

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In the picture to the right, Professor Hanna is perched on exfoliating slabs of granite on the lip of Half Dome in Yosemite National Park.  This picture was taken looking passed the sheer face of Half Dome and on up Tenaya Canyon. 

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In the picture to the right, Professor Hanna is inspecting a 4-foot-wide Giant Tridacna Clam in the waters of the Palauan Islands.  The yellow "line" on her left shoulder is a small, powerful, waterproof flashlight that is used for reading dive gauges on night dives.

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