Las Positas college in Autumn

Assignment 1--Getting started with Astronomy On-Line

Points Possible (8)

NGC 1232 (full view) from European Southern Observatory
Spiral galaxy NGC 1288
In this assignment you will set-up your email account in Blackboard create a home page for yourselfl, and use the discussion area. To get full credit for this assignment, you will have to follow the simple instructions below. There will be no partial credit. If you don't all three parts of the assignment you will receive no credit.

Instructions (there are four parts to this assignment)

Part 1: To get you acquainted with how e-mail works in Blackboard, please complete this two-part assignment. First, change your e-mail address (if you haven't already done so).If you have already done this, you will still receive credit; you don't have to do it again.

  1. If you are not in Blackboard already, do so by clicking on the "blackboard" link at the top of the course information or weekly schedule page. If you don't know how to sign in, read the LPC distance education page.
  2. Once you are in Blackboard, Click Tools in the course menu on the left, then click Personal Information, then click Edit Personal Information. Do not change your first or last name, but simply enter your e-mail address in the text field next to E-mail. Delete the generic e-mail address that is there. Please enter the email that you check most frequently, and are able to check from home and away if possible.
  3. You don't have to enter any other information; just click Submit at the bottom. Click OK at the next screen. Note that once you do this, you change your e-mail address for any other Blackboard courses you are currently enrolled in on this server.When you submit Part 2 below, your correct e-mail address will show up in my mailbox.

Part 2: To see if you have your email properly changed, you will simply reply to an email from the instructor sent out as a group email to the class. When I get your reply, I will check that you have comleted all of this assignment.

  1. when you get an email from the instructor (Eric Harpell), wait until you have completed this entire assignment (read on!). When you have, hit the reply button..don't change the subject of the email
  2. In the body of the email, Answer these questions:

3. When finished, click Submit. Thats will get the email from your instructor on the second day of the semester. Make sure you reply by June 20th at ten pm.

Part III-Using the Discussion Board

  1. To get you acquainted with how the Discussion Board works in Blackboard, please complete the following:
  2. Open a new browser window (Control+N on the PC; Command+N on the Mac), and conduct a search on Yahoo!, Excite, Googol, or any other search engine to find a web site that you think will be beneficial to students in this class. The topic of the site should match any of the content of this course.
  3. Next, go to the discussion board. To do this, Click Communications on the left, then click the Discussion Boards link
    Click the link called Welcome. Click the Welcome to the Class link. There is a message there from me.
    Next, click Add a New Thread, and in the subject line, type "Web site".
  4. Then go ahead and type:

Part IV- building a homepage

To help teach you how to build your own homepage in Blackboard, please complete this assignment.

Your student homepage must include the following elements:

To Create a Student Homepage:

  1. Click the Tools button on the left, then click Edit Your Homepage. When you get there. . .
  2. (Optional) Fill out Homepage Information. If you input a picture that represents something about you instead of a picture of yourself, you might want to mention why you used that picture.
  3. (Required) Add your picture under Upload a Picture.
  4. (Required) Under Favorite Web Sites, fill out the first three text boxes named Site 1 Title, Site 1 URL, and Description
  5. You can add a picture by doing the following:
  6. Under Upload a Picture, click the Browse button to locate your picture file.

Notes about pictures

The first photo shows a reproduction of a colour composite image of the beautiful spiral galaxy NGC 1288 in the southern constellation Fornax. PR Photo 37a/98 covers the entire field that was imaged on the 2048 x 2048 pixel CCD camera. It is based on CCD frames in different colors that were taken under good seeing conditions during the night of First Light (15 September 1998). The distance to this galaxy is about 300 million light-years; it recedes with a velocity of 4500 km/sec. Its diameter is about 200,000 light-years. (From The European Southern Observatory)