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Astro 10: On-line lectures

Instructor: Eric Harpell


Quiz in blackboard
On-line lectures
Material from lectures listed below will help prepare you for blackboard quizzes and the final exam.
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Quiz 1

Lecture IA --time is a funny thing (html)

Lecture 1B: distance, time and life (the list below are all different versions of the same presentation--experiment with them!)

Powers of Ten

Building a Scale Model of the Cosmos

Constellations of the Night Sky
Quiz 2

Lecture 3A: Matter and Energy download streaming presentation(requires real player)

Lecture 3B Force and Motion

Lecture 5 Supplement--Newton's Mountain (keep increasing the velocity and click on the fire button each time)

Kepler's laws


Constructing a Scale Model of the Solar System (and beyond)

Lecture 5 Formation of the solar system

Origin of The Solar System (From the Nine Planets)
Quiz 3

Terrestrial Worlds: these presentations are from Eric Harpell's PlanetTales CD-ROM--they require Shockwave to with Inernet explorer and Macintosh Browsers, but works best using Mozilla Firefox and a high speed connection to the internet.

See the website:The Nine Planets for a nice overview of each planet. Questions on the quiz will not be taken directly from this site unless otherwise noted!
Quiz 4
Quiz 5
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