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Animation of the moon phases

Instructor: Harpell (eharpell@laspositascolleg.edu)

***Last revised: 6/08/2004 at 4:00 p.m.***

Listed below is the syllabus for Astronomy 10 DE1. The sections listed below represent weeks during the Fall and spring semester. Since the summer session is only six weeks long, roughly three sections correspond to one week of study in the summer. Listed dates are meant as a guide to let you know what you should be doing at a given time in your Reading, Internet, and CD-ROM studies. Quizzes and Exams(accessed through the WebCT Quizzes and Exams area) and Research Assignments (accesed here and through the Blackboard assignments area) are also listed by due date.

  • Section 1 :     June 14--complete quiz 0, complete Assignment 1, begin quizzes 1 -5
  • Section2:     complete quiz 1
  • Section 3:     complete quiz 2
  • Section 4:     June 21
  • Section 5:     complete quiz 3
  • Section 6 :     complete quiz 4
  • Section 7 :     June 28
  • Section 8:     June 30: Midterm Available (complete quiz 5 first!)
  • Section 9:   complete quiz 5
  • Section10:  July 3--midterm must be submitted by 10 pm
  • Section 11:   complete quiz 6
  • Section 12:   omplete quiz 7
  • Section 13:   July 12
  • Section 14:   complete quiz 8
  • Section 15:   complete quiz 9
  • Section 16:   July 17-final exam avaialble
  • Section 17:   July 20--quiz ten and all other quizzes due by 10 pm!
  • Section 18:   July 22 Final exam must be submitted by 10 pm
  • Exams

  • Midterm:Available online Wed, June 30, at 5 PM, Due Saturday July 3 by 10 PM See the Blackboard Quizzes and Exams area (The midterm is "open" to take during this period, but note that you will have 3 hours to complete and submit your work once you open the midterm!)
  • Final: Available online between Saturday July 17 at 5 PM, and Thursday July 22 th at 10 PM You will have four and a half hours to work on the exam once you begin!
  • Quizzes

    Quizzes must be submitted electronically on the dates listed below. Its best to to think of the quizzes as homework assignments, subject to the guidelines for fairness stated in the course syllabus. Quizzes can be startted anytime after on the "available" date below (the link will become active) and are located in the Blackboard Quizzes and Exams area. Please be sure to check the schedule a few weeks ahead to be prepared for the quizzes. All quizzes are "open source," meaning that you can use any source available to you. However, you may not collaborate with another person in OR OUT of the the class, except via the discussion board. Doing so constitutes cheating...see the guidelines for taking quizzes in the course information page.

    Schedule of quizzes: Quizzes are listed above by the date available, and the date due. See Blackboard Quizzes and Exams area during dates listed below. Becase summer session is highly "compressed" you will need to pace your self in order to finish the quizzes and do well on them. You will need to take an average of two quizzes per week to complete them all. Quizzes 1 - 5 are Open until the midterm, and quizzes 6 - 10 are open until the final exam. If you fail to comlete quizzes 1 - 5 on time, you can take the ones you have missed prior to July 20 for a ten percent late penalty. Note, you must submit quizzes in order (i.e. you must submit quiz 3 before you can submit quiz 4).

    ***Late quizzes: All quizzes must be submitted by July 20 at 10 pm!****

    Tutorial Quizzes: In addition to the quizzes listed below, there are tutorial quizzes for each chapter of the textbook, to be found in the Brooks Cole Resource Web site. When you go to this site,

    1. look for a link on the Resource menu at upper left called "Student Book Companion Sites" ,
    2. Select the book "Voyages Through the Universe, 3rd edition, ©2004" (click on the picture of the book). Don't worry that your books is called Voyages to the Planets, since Voyages through the Universe is the parent book. The first 13 chapters are identical. If you are in doubt about whether you are taking the correct tutorial quiz, be sure that the chapter name corresponds to the chapter you are reading in Voyages to the Planets.
    3. You will have the option of selecting a chapter at the top of the page from the pull down menu. Once the correct chapter is showing, click on the tutorial quiz link at upper left.
    4. Take the Tutorial Quizzes any number of times until you feel confident that you understand both the questions and the answers. Be sure to save the quizzes and the feedback, either on your computer or as a hard copy. This will help you succeed with the quizzes above. The Tutorial Quizzes themselves are not graded and do not count toward your total points in the class. The knowledge you gain from these quizzes is valuable ( you problems on your quizzes will be similiar!). Please do not email them to your instructor.

    Assignments (see guidlines in the course info page)

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    Section 1

    Orientation session: There is no orientation meeting for Summer 2004. After reading the cousre information page and this page, please email the instructor with your questions (eharpell@laspositascollege.edu)

    . Activities this week involve becoming familiar with Blackboard by completing assignment #1(getting started with distance learning). If you haven't done so already, make sure you read the Course Information page, the Contacting the Instructor page, and the Learning Resources, all accessible from the Blackboard homepage and/or from the links at the top of this page.

    Next, check out Assignment #1 below, which is intended to make sure you have familiarized your self with the course. Afterwards, you are ready to begin Quiz zero and then Quiz 1. The key to success in this course is to begin working on quizzes and assignments as soon as possible.

    Quizzes and Tests: Quiz 0 (See the Blackboard Quizzes and Exams area)--available on Tuesday of week 1.

    Topics: Becoming familiar with Blackboard and and course procedures

    PlanetTales Assignment: Be sure to purchase PlanetTales CD-ROM from LPC Bookstore (available online).

    Reading Assignment (from Voyages to the Planets): Prologue

    Homework Assignments: Assignment 1--do not send email regarding this assignment till you get an email from your instructor..then you know your email account is set-up properly!

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    Section 2

    Quizzes and Tests: Work on quiz 1!

    Tutorial Quiz: Work on the Tutorial Quiz for Chapter 1 in the Brooks Cole Resource Center.

    Topics: The Scale of the Cosmos, The Night Sky, Motion of Celestial Sphere, Precession of the equinoxes.

    PlanetTales Assignment: The Night Sky (view until you get to "A sense of Scale")

    Reading Assignment: Prologue, Chapter 1

    Homework Assignment: Finish " Assignment 1" 

    Astronomy on the World Wide Web: (Note that you are only responsible for the listed sections of web sites -- the "Stargazers to Starships" site, for example in optional section, is actaully a hypermedia textbook..you need only read the section listed in partentheses.) Sites listed in this section are "fair game" for the quizzes.

    Optional web sites (you might find these intersting, or useful, but I no information from these sites will purposefully appear on the quizzes or exams).

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    Section 3

    Topics: Gravitation, History of Astronomy , quiz 2 (see blackboard Quizzes and Exams)

    PlanetTales : The Night Sky (view this section of the CD up through "a sense of Scale")

    Reading Assignment/Tutorial Quiz : Chapter 2

    Homework Assignments: none (don't forget about the tutorial quizzes -- you don't turn them in, but they will help you on the regular quizzes--work on Tutorial quizzes for chapter 2 and 3).

    Web Reading:(remember--you don't turn these in..they will help you on quizzes)

    Optional but recommended sites:

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    Section 4

    Topics: Motion of the Earth, Moon; Planets and Stars; Sidereal Vs Solar Time;

    Reading and tutorial Quiz Assignment : Chapters 3

    Web Reading Assignments:

    Optional but recommended sites:

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    Section 5:

    Topics: Introduction to the solar System

    Reading and Tutorial Quiz Assignment: chapter 6 (yes, we are skipping chapters 4 and 5)

    Research Assignments: Assignment 2 (websurvey)--see BlackBoard Assignments area this week.

    World Wide Web:

    Optional (but recommended) sites:

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    Section 6:

    Topics: The Earth

    Reading Assignment: Chapter 7

    PlanetTales : Earth Origins

    Homework Assignments: complete Assignment 2 by Friday at 5 pm!

    Web Assignments

    Optional (but recommended) sites:

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    Section 7:

    Topics: The Earth, continued. The Moon

    Reading Assignment (From Fraknoi): Chapter 7, 8 (the Moon only)

    PlanetTales Assignment: The Earth and Moon (Earth only!)

    World Wide Web:

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    Section 8

    Topics: Mercury

    PlanetTales Assignment: Mercury

    Reading Assignment (from Fraknoi): Chapter 8 (Mercury)

    Web Assignments: Mercury

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    Section 9

    Topics: Venus

    PlanetTales Assignment: Venus

    Reading Assignment (from Fraknoi): Chapter 9 (Venus only)

    Research Assignments: Assignment #3 (see the Blackboard Assignments Page)

    Web Assignments:

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    Section 10

    Topics: Mars

    Reading Assignment: Chapter 9 (Mars only)

    PlanetTales Assignment: Mars

    World Wide Web:

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    Section 11

    Topics: Jupiter and Saturn

    Reading Assignment: chapter 10

    PlanetTales Assignment: Jupiter and Saturn

    Homework Assignments: None

    World Wide Web:

    Optional (but recommended) sites:

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    Section 12

    Topics: Uranus and Neptune

    PlanetTales Assignment: Uranus and Neptune

    Reading Assignment : Chapter 10 (Uranus and Neptune)

    World Wide Web:

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    Section 13:

    Topics:Rings, Moons of the outer solar system, and Pluto

    PlanetTales Assignment: Pluto

    Reading Assignment : Chapter 11

    World Wide Web:

    Optional (but recommended) sites:

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    Section 14

    Topics: Comets and Small bodies in the solar system, The Kuiper Belt

    Reading Assignment :chapter 12

    World Wide Web:


    Comet Halley

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    Section 15

    Topics: Metorites, Debris, and the formation of the Solar system

    Reading Assignment : chapter 13

    World Wide Web:


    Section 16:

    Topics: Life in the Universe

    Reading: chapter 15


    Section 17

    Review for Final, catch up on quizzes! All quizzes must be submitted by July 20th at ten pm!

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    Section 18:Final exam

    Make sure to submit the final by 10 pm July 22!!

    Did you know ...that the time interval from one full moon to the next is not the same as the time it takes the moon to orbit about the Earth? The difference (about two days) is due to the Earth's motion about the sun (animation courtesy of WhatSpins).