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LPC Astronomy

  Listed below are the required reading, research, Smartwork Assignments, and quizzes for Fall 2010. ††For Grading Information and other course info, see the Course Information Page. Dates listed for reading in text are suggestions to help you stay on track! If you miss a due date for an assignment or quiz, you can take it late for reduced credit.
See Course information page for details on late work! You will need to register for the Smartwork website using an access code from your text or you can purchase it on-line.


Last day to drop with no grade of record NGR (via class web)ó9/5

Last day to drop with a grade of W (via class web) 11/5




Reading in Text

Smart Work (on-line homework)

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these may be revised throughout the semester--check back on the week listed!

Discussion Board Assignments

Unit Quizzes and Exams

1 (8/18)




chapter 1



take the astro survey quiz before you read chapter 1--->

Astro Survey Quiz (See Blackboard Quizzes/exams)


 2 ( 8/23)


Assignment 1

due 9/10

by midnight (before completing unit quiz 1!)


Register now! Please don't wait till the last minute to work on it!








Astro 10 first look (ppt)

Distance and Time (.ppt)

The digital Universe (movie)


Celestial Astro 1 (ppt)


Celestial Astro II (ppt)

Early Greek Science (optional)

Astro history 1 (ppt)

Astro history II (ppt)

Force and Energy(ppt)


Astro survey

Due 9/12
See Blackboard Discussion board.







Unit Quiz 1

 due 9/12 by midnight.


Donít wait till last minute to work on the quiz! !





3 ( 8/30)

chapter 2



 4 (9/6)






chapter 3












5 (9/13)

Chapter 6



Assignment 2

due 10/01 by midnight








Solar system Overview(ppt)



Unit Quiz 2

 Due 10/03 by midnight.





 6 (9/20)


Question of the Month 1 due 10/03.

 See Blackboard Discussion board






7 (9/27)

chapter 7





Formation of Solar system (pdf)







 Surface of Terrestrial Planets (ppt)


Donít wait till the last minute!









chapter 7 (continued)

Assignment 3 due 10/23 by midnight


Question of the Month 2
due 10/25.
 See Blackboard Discussion board


Unit Quiz 3
due 10/25 by midnight.



9 (10/11)

chapter 8


10 (10/18)

chapter 8







11 (10/25)

chapter 9

Assignment 4 due 11/11 by midnight




Question of the Month 3
due 11/14.

 See Blackboard Discussion board


 Unit Quiz 4
due 11/14 by midnight.



12 (11/1) 

 Chapter 10


Jovian Planet systems

13 (11/8)

Chapter 11









14 (11/15)

Chapter 12

Assignment 5

due 12/03 by midnight



This is the Edge (ppt)

This is the Edge (pdf)

Question of the Month 4
due 12/05. See Blackboard Discussion board

Unit Quiz 5
due 12/05 by midnight.


15 (11/22)


11/23 - 11/27

16 (11/29)

chapter 22,

and See online lectures

Extrasolarplanets1 (ppt)

Extrasolarplanets2 (ppt)

17 (12/6)

Last week to Finish

Discussion board Questions of the Month

and late Quizzes!

all late quizzes and discussion board due by 12/14 by midnight!







18 (12/15-12/19)


  Final Exam available online!

3 hours timed exam 


between 12/15 and 12/19

once you start you have 3 hours to finish!