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***Last revised: 5/11/2009 a 6:00 p.m.***

  Listed below are the required reading, research, Mastering Astronomy Assignments, and quizzes for Spring 2009. All the following items can be accessed through Blackboard. For more detailed information, please see the course information page. Although all quizzes have a due date, they can be turned in late for ten percent reduced credit. Note that quizzes one and two canmot be take later than then April 18th. Quizzes 3 - 5 can be turned in no later than5/19 11:59 pm for late credit. Late research assignments can also be turned in for 90% credit. Note that the Course ID for Mastering Astronomy is:  MAHARPELL86800 Please see the "guide to Mastering Astronomy" to make sure you get credit for your work.
Last day to drop with no grade of record NGR (via class web)-- 2/8
Last day to drop with a grade of W (via class web) 4/19
Week (date) Reading in Textbook

Mastering Astronomy
go to the mastering astronomy website and do these assignments prior to completing the quiz in blackboard.
(due date)

Blackboard Quizzes
(start date--due date) all quizzes due by 11:59 pm

on-line lectures Blackboard Discussion Board Research Assignments
(due date)
1 (1/19)


Intro to Mastering Astronomy
(due 2/02)
extra credit!

Quiz 0-basic skills grade for particpation only (1/20 - 2/02)



Question of the Week 1


Astro Survey
see Blackboard
Research Assignments
(due 2/17)
2(1/25) chapter 2 assignment #1
(due 2/4)

quiz 1

quiz 1 late

seeLectures and Links
for Quiz 1

Question of the Week 1 and 2

Quiz 1 discussion


chapter 3

4 (2/9)

chapters 4,5

Assigment #2
(due 2/25)

quiz 2


quiz 2 late


see Lectures and Links
for quiz 2

notes: Astrohistory part I (pdf)

  • latest Question of the Week (2
  • Quiz 2 discussion
Research Assignment Proposal See blackboard research assignments and blackboard discussion area (due 3/18)
5 (2/16)
7 (3/2) chapters



Assignment #3
(due 3/18)

quiz 3

quiz 3 late

see Lectures and Links
for quiz 3

radiation and telescopes(power point verssion)
radiation and telescopes(adobe PDF verssion)

  • latest Question of the Week (3
  • Quiz 3 discussion
Research Assignment #2
see Blackboard
Research Assignments
(Due 5/7)

10 (3/23)

chapters 15,16,17,18

Assignment #4
(due 4/15)

quiz 4

quiz 4 late

see Lectures and Links
for quiz 4

Measuring stars Part I (pdf)
Measuring stars Part I (ppt)
MeasureStars II (pdf)
MeasureStars II (ppt)

.stellar evolution links (from class)

  • latest Question of the Week 4 &7)
  • Quiz 4 discussion
11 (3/30)
12 (4/6)
|spring break-no class activities
13 (4/14)

chapters 19-22


Assignment #5
(due 5/13)

quiz 5

no late version of quiz 5!

see Lectures and Links
for quiz 5

  • latest Question of the Week 5
  • Quiz 5 discussion
14 (4/21)
16 (5/4) late assignments due 5/18
17(5/11) 23 all late assignments due 5/18 final exam (5/33-5/25)   late discussion board postings (weeks 13 - 17 only) due5/18

Quizzes listed below refer to the 5 quizzes found in the blackboard Quizzes and exams area. There are also quizzes found in the Mastering Astronomy web site, which are included in the Mastering Astronomy assignments. It is highly advisable to complete the mastering astronomy assignment before finishing the quiz, as quiz questions will definitely refer to sections and questions within mastering astronomy. Note that all due dates listed above refer to 11:59 pm on day listed. Quizzes and assginemtns will generally be avaialble by 12 noon on the first date listed.

The textbook is The Cosmic Perspective, The Solar System, 5th edition, by Bennett, Donahue, Schneider and Voit.