Las positas college in fall

Astro 20: On-line lectures

Instructor: Eric Harpell


On-line lectures
Material from lectures listed below will help prepare you for quizzes and the final exam.
relevant links
Relevant links are optional, but will help you better understand the material being tested.
Quiz 1

Lecture IA --time is a funny thing (html)

Lecture 1B: distance, time and life (the list below are all different versions of the same presentation--experiment with them!)

Lecture 1C: Celestial Astronomy

Powers of Ten

Building a Scale Model of the Cosmos

Constellations of the Night Sky

Quiz 2


Lecture 2D: Matter and Energy download streaming presentation(requires real player)

Lecture 2E Force and Motion

Lecture 2F

Newton's Mountain (keep increasing the velocity and click on the fire button each time)

Kepler's laws (interactive)

Physics 2000
Quiz 3


Quiz 4

The following lectures are from Eric Harpell's PlanetTales CD-ROM. They are large, streaming files in Shockwave Format. If they don't load properly, pleaes download the Shockwave Plug-in from the Adobe Scockwave download center. (you should also hear sound after the first frame)


Quiz 5
Cosmic Evolution