Physiology 1

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Physiology 1


Some of the labs utilize handouts rather than the Lab book. They are posted here:

Article About Lorenzo's Oil

Math and Metric System

Concentrations and Dilutions


Cranial Nerves Lab (This is a .pdf file, not a Word Document. You may need to download Adobe Acrobat to read and print it.

Here are the photos of the PCR results. The 8 wells are on the left side of each image. As you
saw, the results are very faint. The control is fine. Why do you think the results are so faint?


All three trays together, under UV light, just as you saw them in the darkened room:

The tray on the right side of the aquarium counter:

The tray on the left side of the aquarium counter:

The tray located on the opposite wall's counter: