BIO 7A, Human Anatomy

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Human Anatomy

I am NOT teaching BIO 7A, Human Anatomy, Fall Semester, 2015.


Welcome to Anatomy 1. You can hardly listen to the news or read a newspaper without seeing a reference to anatomy. Breast cancer, ruptured disk, torn ACL, heart attack, and on and on. Since most students in this class plan on a nursing career, I try to tailor the information to match. If you don't remain in the medical profession, you will use your knowledge of anatomy for the rest of your life.

Anatomy is a difficult class. There is a lot of memorizing, a lot of new vocabulary. I often think of this class as a vocabulary class!

According to common guidelines, it is recommended that students should spend two hours/unit/week study time. Anatomy will require at least that. We have many learning aids available, and you should be able to develop a plan to best utilize your study time so that you can excel.

This website is updated frequently with assignments and schedule changes; check frequently for new information. Above all, you are encouraged to review and/or print the PowerPoint lectures and bring them to class for notetaking.