Anatomy 1

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Anatomy 1

From the syllabus:

Grading Policy:

There are four scheduled lecture midterms. Each midterm covers the material from the previous lectures, and is worth approximately 40 pts each. Also there also are four scheduled lab exams, worth approximately 40 pts each. I plan to drop the lowest midterm test score, lab OR lecture. If you miss a lab test, you can drop that score. If you miss a second test, that score will be zero.

Note: Lab exams cannot be made up; there are too many practical questions to set up! If you miss a lab exam, that one can be your lowest score.

Tests are mostly multiple choice, fill-in-the-blank, etc., plus an occasional essay question.

Bring a Scantron Form 882-E to the midterms and the final exams.

There will be a two hour comprehensive lecture Final Exam worth 80 pts. The date is Wednesday May 29, 2013, 7:30-9:20.

There is a "term project," which will be a short presentation to the class during lab. Details are on the website, and will be discussed later in class.

Each lab assignment listed in the Class Schedule will be turned in and is worth 3 points. I do NOT accept late lab assignments! Remember, you will do your best if you do not allow yourself to fall behind!

Grading is simple: 90+ = A; 80-89 = B, etc.

I post grades on Blackboard. You can log in anytime and check your grades.