Las Positas College
Psychology 4: Brain, Mind, and Behavior

Brain Awareness Project Guidelines

What is Brain Awareness Week?
Brain Awareness Week (BAW) is a week long international campaign designed to teach people about the brain, how it works, and why research
is so important.

The goal of BAW is to raise awareness about the nervous system and the progress and benefits of ongoing neuroscience research.
Your assignment is to learn more about the brain and share with and educate others about a brain related topic of your choice.

Suggested Topics

For the Brain Awareness project assignment you may choose one of the three following options:
1) Create an informative poster OR
2) Create an video or powerpoint presentation
3) Write a term paper

All three options require that you conduct library research on your topic and write papers on your project.

Click, below, on the option you've choosen for specific instructions

Poster or PowerPoint


Term Paper

DUE DATE for all projects:

Monday classes: Monday, March 26th.

Tuesday class: Tuesday, March 27th

Friday class: Friday March 23rd