Las Positas College Chapter
Application for Membership

To apply for membership, you need to complete these four things:

1) Fill out the application for membership (below). Be sure to include your "W" number and Email address. Please print legibly.

2) Type a minimum one-page statement outlining your interests/goals in psychology and why you want to join Psi Beta.

3) Submit the application, personal statement, and a copy of your LPC transcripts to the advisors (Ernie Jones, Robin Roy) or your psychology instructor.

Once your application has been reviewed by the LPC Psi Beta faculty advisors, we will notify the Psi Beta national office.
The national office will then contact you with an offical invitation to join. The national office will provide you will instructions and how to pay the one time membership fee.



Please Print.


Student W ID#






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Cummulative Grade Point Average (GPA) :

List Psychology Courses Completed at LPC:
(Do not include "Psych-Counseling" courses)

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