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Math Lab Computer Use Guidelines


You may be required to show your Lab Card. Using the computers in the math lab is a privilege it is not a right. Students must follow these policies. Violation of these policies may result in the loss of computer privileges, deletion of unauthorized work without notice, and other consequences including suspension and expulsion.


As stated in the LPC Catalog and Schedule, any student enrolled in a Las Positas College class that requires computer use must purchase this Computer Lab Supplies Card from the LPC Bookstore or the LPC Library. The purchase of this lab card partially covers the cost of paper and toner. The lab card serves as a permit to use the LPC computers for authorized activities only. Keep your lab card with you at all times. Replacement cards will not be issued. A new lab card must be purchased if your card is lost.

Click here to view the Las Positas College Computer Use Guidelines.


Sign in using STARS on the computer in the front of the lab.

You may only work on academic projects assigned or authorized by Las Positas Mathematics Instructors.

Children are not permitted in the computer labs without the prior written permission from the Vice President of Student Services. Regardless, visitors may not use LPC computers.

College policy and civil law forbid unauthorized downloading or copying software or other files.

Use of LPC computers for profit or commercial purposes is strictly prohibited.

Please switch all phones, pagers, watch alarms, etc. to silent mode. If you do get a cell phone call, please take it outside so you don't disturb others.

Your files must be saved on your own 3.5 floppy disk, CD-RW, or ZIP disk. Do not save files to the hard drive; they will be erased.

Please help conserve paper and toner by only printing course related documents. Save to disk instead of printing when possible.

This is a classroom! Working with others is encouraged, but please keep your voices to a near whisper.
If you are disruptive you will be asked to leave.

Please do not try to fix a computer or printer if they seem to be malfunctioning or if course related CDs or programs do not run properly-ask for assistance.

Do Not bring food or drinks into the computer area.


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