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Learning Styles Inventory
On-line assessments of your learning style and how to use your learning strength to improve your success in school.

Diablo Valley College Learning Styles Inventory
This is the learning styles inventory used in the Math Lab: Learning Styles and Study Skills.

Index of Learning Styles. This alternative learning styles inventory identifies a student's learning preferences based on a "multiple intelligences" learning model. The introductory website for the inventory is found at . The inventory itself is found at . The supplementary material, explaining the learning modalities identified, is found at .

Study Skills Inventories
On-line assessments of your study skills

Math Study skills self-survey This is the study skills inventory used in the Math Lab: Learning Styles and Study Skills.

Center for Learning Assistance, New Mexico State University
A self-scoring online assessment of your study skills. Feedback targets those areas in which study skills are weak.

Dr. Carolyn Hopper, Middle Tennessee State University
This study skills inventory can be printed our or taken on-line. Scoring directions are included, but there is little direct feedback. The inventory is tied to Dr. Hopper's Study Skills Workbook, but you can take it without buying the text. The printable version is at
To take the inventory on-line, go to
Some feedback is provided with the on-line version

Paul Nolting, Academic Success Press
This self-scoring, study skills evaluation can be printed or taken on-line; the on-line version provides better feedback than most. It is tied to Nolting's book, Winning at Math, but you can take the inventory and get some useful feedback without buying the book.

Study Skills Sites
Here are a few on-line sites the provide math study tips.

Mission College Math Study Skills
This is an excellent site, geared toward community college math students.

University of California at Berkeley, Academic Preparation and Articulation
This site was developed by The Center for Educational Outreach at Berkeley. It contains a good summary of tips for studying, preparing for tests and solving word problems.

Professor Freedman't Study Skills Tips for Math
This site provides information about basic math, algebra, study skills, math anxiety and learning styles
and specifically addresses the needs of the community college adult learner.

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