Section 13.4: Network Troubleshooting  


·         Steps to identify the scope of the network problem

o   Verify the network adapter

o   Verify physical connectivity

o   Verify the IP configuration

o   Verify network connectivity

·         Troubleshooting network communications

o   Physical issues

o   Interference

o   IP configuration

o   Communication issues

o   Network issues

o   Resource access issues


Students will learn how to:

Lecture Focus Questions:


Video/Demo                                                                   Time

video13.4.1 Common Wired and Wireless Network Issues         20:52

video13.4.2 Network Troubleshooting 1                                             4:34

video13.4.3 Network Troubleshooting 2                                          17:02

13.4.4 Troubleshooting Network Connectivity 1                   19:50

13.4.6 Troubleshooting Network Connectivity 2                   12:20

 Total                                                                                       74:38                         


Number of Exam Questions

21 questions

Total Time

About 115 minutes