Section 1.1: Course Introduction 

This course provides students with the knowledge to become industry certified as a PC technician. This course actually meets the specifications for two different industry certification programs. It prepares the student for the PC Pro certification and the A+ certification.


TestOut’s PC Pro certification is a new certification which measures not just what you know, but what you can do. The TestOut PC Pro Certification measures your ability to install, manage, repair, and troubleshoot PC hardware and Windows operating system software.


PC objectives are listed in Appendix B: PC Pro Objectives.


CompTIA’s A+ certification is an entry-level certification that verifies the student has the knowledge equivalent to that of an entry-level IT professional with about 12 months of hands-on experience. The A+ certification has been updated for 2012. To obtain the A+ certification, students must pass two exams:



·          Set up a new computer

·         Identify system requirements when purchasing a new computer

·         Understand the technology and specifications used to describe computer components, and make informed choices about which device characteristics are required for the situation.

·         Install or upgrade the operating system.

·         Manage external devices.

·         Troubleshoot common computer problems that can be resolved without replacing internal components.

·         Connect to a small home network.


Before taking this course, students should have a basic understanding of computers, including the following skills:

·         Browsing the Internet and using an e-mail client.


Video/Demo                                                          Time

video1.1.1 PC Pro and A+ Certification                               9:03


Total Time

About 10 minutes


The Total Time for each section is calculated by adding the approximate time for each section which is calculated using the following elements:


·         Video/demo times

·         Approximate time to read the text lesson (the length of each text lesson is taken into consideration)

·         Simulations (5 minutes is assigned per simulation. This is the amount of time it would take for a knowledgeable student to complete the lab activity. Plan that the new students will take much longer than this depending upon their knowledge level and computer experience.)

·         Questions (1 minute per question)

Section 1.2: Using the Simulator 

This section introduces the student to the TestOut simulator, which is used in most of the lab exercises throughout the course. Students will become familiar with the:



Students will learn how to:

Video/Demo                                                Time

demo1.2.1 Using the Simulator                                 21:57

demo1.2.3 Working with Internal Components      20:55

 Total                                                               42:52


Total Time

About 55 minutes

Section 1.4: Operating System Basics  

In this section students will learn the basics of operating systems. An operating system is a set of programs that acts as an interface between the applications that are running on a computer and the computer’s hardware. Concepts covered in this section include:



Students will learn how to:

A+ 220-802 Exam Objectives:

Lecture Focus Questions:

Video/Demo                                                Time

video1.4.1 Operating Systems                                   10:28
demo1.4.3 Using the Windows Interface                 16:52

 Total                                                               27:20

Number of Exam Questions

10 questions

Total Time

About 45 minutes