Section 5.7: File System

This section provides the basic information about using a file system to organize and store data. Concepts covered include:


·         The main components of a file system:

o   Partition

o   Volume

o   Directory

o   File

·         Windows supports two different kinds of disks:

o   Basic

o   Dynamic

·         Managing partitions and volumes

·         The characteristics of the file systems supported in Windows systems:

o   FAT32

o   NTFS

·         The process of formatting

·         Disk and volume statuses in Disk Management


Students will learn how to:

Lecture Focus Questions:

Video/Demo                                                Time

video5.7.1 File System                                                  5:11
demo5.7.2 Viewing File System Components       12:49

video5.7.4 Partitions and Disks                                 22:12
demo5.7.6 Creating Volumes                                                16:40

demo5.7.8 Formatting and Converting                    17:28

video5.7.10 Disk Status                                                3:01

Total                                                               77:21


Number of Exam Questions

21 questions

Total Time

About 115 minutes

Section 5.9: Adding Storage

Students will learn how to:


Lecture Focus Questions:

Video/Demo                                                                   Time

video5.9.1 Adding Storage                                                                 10:45

demo5.9.2 Creating Mount Points and Extending Volumes        15:32

 Total                                                                                       26:17 


Number of Exam Questions

3 questions

Total Time

About 35 minutes

Section 5.10: Disk Optimization   



Students will learn how to:

Lecture Focus Questions:

Video/Demo                                      Time

video5.10.1 Storage Optimization                 19:59
demo5.10.2 Optimizing Disks                        13:26
Total                                                   33:25


Number of Exam Questions

4 questions

Total Time

About 45 minutes