Section 6.2: Network Hardware

·         Hardware devices used on a network:

o   Media

o   Network adapter

o   Hub

o   Switch

o   Router

o   Bridge

·         Details about network adapters


Lecture Focus Questions:

Video/Demo                                       Time

video6.2.1 Network Devices 1                        16:18

video6.2.2 Network Devices 2                        15:46
video6.2.4 Networking Adapters                    12:13

 Total                                                             44:17


Number of Exam Questions

9 questions

Section 6.6: IP Configuration    



Students will learn how to:

Lecture Focus Questions:

Video/Demo                                                 Time

video6.6.1 IP Configuration                                          13:36
6.6.2 TCP/IP Configuration Methods                   7:20
demo6.6.3 Configuring TCP/IP Properties                17:36

 Total                                                                          38:32 minutes


Number of Exam Questions

11 questions

Total Time

About 65 minutes

Section 6.9: 802.11 Wireless  

·         Wireless networking architecture:

o   Devices

o   Connection methods

o   SSID (Service Set Identifier)

·         IEEE standards

o   802.11a

o   802.11b

o   802.11g

o   802.11n

·         802.11n technologies to improve speed or distance

o   Multiple Input Multiple Output (MIMO)

o   Channel bonding

·         Details about wireless networks

·         Authentication methods for wireless networks

o   Open

o   Shared key

o   802.1x

·         Standards to provide security for wireless networking:

o   Wired Equivalent Privacy (WEP)

o   Wi-Fi Protected Access (WPA)

o   Wi-Fi Protected Access 2 (WPA2) or 802.11i

·         Methods to limit access:

o   Change the administrator account name and password

o   Change SSID from defaults

o   Enable MAC address filtering

o   Disable DHCP


Students will learn how to:

Lecture Focus Questions:

Video/Demo                                            Time

video6.9.1 Wireless Networking                            15:46
video6.9.3 Wireless Security                                 10:23
demo6.9.5 Configuring a Wireless Connectio       6:47

  Total                                                               32:56


Number of Exam Questions

13 questions

Section 6.10: Infrared and Bluetooth


Students will learn how to:

Lecture Focus Questions:


Video/Demo                                                          Time

video6.10.1 Infrared and Bluetooth                                 4:50
demo6.10.2 Configuring Bluetooth Connections           8:21

 Total                                                                           13:11 minutes

Number of Exam Questions

8 questions

Section 6.13: Network Utilities  


Students will learn how to:


Lecture Focus Questions:

Video/Demo                                       Time

6.13.1 Network Utilities                           6:06

demo6.13.2 Using Ipconfig                              5:36

demo6.13.6 Using Ping and Tracert             10:54

demo6.13.7 Using Nslookup                            4:45

 Total                                                            27:21 minutes


Number of Exam Questions

13 questions

Section 6.14: HomeGroup  


Students will learn how to:



Lecture Focus Questions:

Video/Demo                                                Time

demo6.14.1 Implementing HomeGroups                8:31

Number of Exam Questions

2 questions