Section 10.2: Windows Pre-installation

·         When selecting an operating system consider the following:

o   Versions

§  Windows 7

§  Windows Vista

§  Windows XP

o   Features for different versions

o   Editions

§  Starter

§  Home Basic

§  Home Premium

§  Professional

§  Business

§  Ultimate

§  Enterprise

o   Advantages of using 32-bit(x86) or 64-bit (x64 or IA-64) versions

o   Hardware requirements for:

§  Windows XP

§  Windows Vista Home Basic

§  Windows Vista (other editions)

§  Windows 7

·         When planning an installation:

o   Consider compatibility of hardware and software

o   Choose the installation method:

§  In-place upgrade

§  Clean (custom) install

o   Possible installation methods for existing and target operating systems

o   Perform a backup of the existing system


Students will learn how to:


Lecture Focus Questions:

Video/Demo                                              Time

video10.2.1 Windows Versions                                  9:33
video10.2.2 Pre-installation Planning                      11:04
demo10.2.5 Verifying System Compatibility             5:01

 Total                                                                       25:38

Number of Exam Questions: 13 questions. Total Time: About 50 minutes.

Section 10.3: Windows Installation


Students will learn how to:

Lecture Focus Questions:

Video/Demo                                             Time

video10.3.1 Windows Installation                              9:17
demo10.3.2 Preparing Disks for Installation          13:09
demo10.3.4 Installing Windows                                  8:33

 Total                                                                       30:59

Lab/Activity: Prepare Disks for Installation. Number of Exam Questions: 4 questions. Total Time: About 45 minutes .

Section 10.4: Post Installation   


Students will learn how to Migrate user settings and data using the Easy Transfer wizard and USMT.


Lecture Focus Questions:

Video/Demo                                     Time

video10.4.1 Post Installation                           1:07
demo10.4.3 Migrating User Data                   8:07

 Total                                                             9:14

Number of Exam Questions: 8 questions. Total Time: About 20 minutes.

Section 10.5: Virtualization   


Students will learn how to:


Lecture Focus Questions:

Video/Demo                                        Time

video10.5.1 Virtualization Overview              15:01

video10.5.3 Virtual Networking                        6:09
demo10.5.4 Creating a Virtual Machine       19:02

video10.5.5 Virtual Machine Security            16:44

 Total                                                             56:56

Lab/Activity: Enable VT in the BIOS. Number of Exam Questions: 4 questions. Total Time: About 70 minutes.