Hard Disk Labs


Hard Disk Security

1. Create a folder and a file in it. Delete the file the usual way, with the F10 or Deetl key.
2. Use Recuva from piriform.com to recover the deleted file.
3. Create a new file in the same folder. Use Eraser from sourceforge.net to delete it. Try to recover with Recuva.
For added securtiy, fill up the empty disk space with Eraser. Run Recuva. Conclusion?
No files should be recoverable.

What's filling my hard disk?
Use WinDirStat 1.1.2 - visual disk usage statistics viewer and cleanup tool.

Do I have duplicate files on my disk?
Auslogic defragger and file duplicate finder.
Defraggler from piriform.com defragmenter. Shows HD health


CD DVD Burners

LiveCD List here
LifeHacker.com Best LiveCD tools
Don't forget the manufacturers' sites. SeaTools for Seagate disks. WDC Tools for Western Digital disks.

The Boot Repair Disk when your previous installations won't start the computer.
Replacing the old disk with new larger capacity disk? Use Free and Open Source Software for Disk Imaging and Cloning.