Section 6.1: Wireless Concepts



Lecture Focus Questions:


6.1.1 Radio Frequency Wireless 7:29
6.1.2 Wireless Architecture 9:41

 Total 17:10

Section 6.2: Wireless Standards



Students will learn the following about Infrared (IR) wireless networking:



Facts presented about the Bluetooth standard include:


Lecture Focus Questions:

Video/Demo Time

6.2.1 802.11 Wireless Standards15:23
6.2.6 Infrared and Bluetooth 4:50
Total 20:13

Section 6.3: Wireless Security


This section examines facts about security on wireless networks.


Lecture Focus Questions:

Video/Demo Time

6.3.1 Wireless Security 11:05

6.3.3 Wireless Attacks 13:28

 Total 24:33

Section 6.4: Wireless Configuration



Students will learn how to:

Lecture Focus Questions:

Video/Demo Time

6.4.1 Wireless Network Configuration9:16
6.4.3 Configuring Wireless Networks 10:15

 Total 19:31


       Create a Wireless Network

       Secure a Wireless Network

       Select a Wireless Adapter

       Configure Wireless Profiles