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The purpose of this page is to assist Las Positas College students who are enrolled in Art History 4 or Art History 5 from Mr. Bill Paskewitz.

This is an online archive of images scanned from Mr. Paskewitz' collection of slides. It is for educational use, primarily by students at Las Positas College.

You may contact the Instructor on campus in Office 4227, or by leaving voice mail at (925) 424-1265.

This website presents the slide material from the exam slide study lists. To navigate through the site:

1. Choose which course you are studying by clicking the proper button below.

2. Choose the appropriate exam you are studying for and click that button.

3. Once on the slide study list, choose the slide that you wish to view by clicking on the slide number in the left frame.

4. When you are done looking at a slide, you can select another slide by clicking on a 2nd slide number in the left frame.

5. At any time you can return to the LPC home page by clicking the button at the end of the slide list.

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