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The Las Positas College Physics Department offers a wide range of physics courses to meet any student's needs.

Physics 10 is intended for non-science majors. It is a wonderful GE course that teaches the very basics of physics without the use of trigonometry or calculus. This course is also accompanied by a lab course, Physics 10L, that can be taken concurrently or after Physics 10.

The Physics 2 series is geared towards biological or chemical science majors who need a basic understanding of physics without a rigorous calculus derivation. This series consists of parts A and B with the laboratory integrated into the courses.

The Physics 8 series is geared towards engineering and physics majors. This four part series uses calculus to teach mechanics through modern physics. Students interested in physics and engineering should refer to the LPC Catalog to determine which classes to take and what order to take them in. The usual order is A through D, but some engineering schools and transfer institutions may prefer a different class order.