The class shows as full - can you add me in?

This class tends to be pretty popular because it's required in several programs, so it does fill up. Make sure to sign up early. Beginning with Spring 2012, the college is using an automated wait list system. Information about how the wait list works is located here. Around the beginning of the term, there are always a few people who decide not to stay in the class for whatever reason, so I can sometimes add a couple of additional people. If you hope to add to the class at that point, please plan on attending the first class meeting.

What if I have to miss a quiz? Can I make it up?

There are weekly quizzes during the semester, and the two lowest grades get dropped. If you miss a quiz, that becomes your lowest quiz grade and will be dropped. Missed quizzes cannot be made up but a quiz can always be taken in advance of its scheduled due date.

What if I have to miss a mandatory class meeting? Can I make it up?

You can only become a good communicator if you practice, and that includes practicing in front of other people. The required meetings are the only mechanism in this class for attaining that practice. Additionally, you will learn about presentation skills from watching other speakers. Therefore, you are required to attend these three meetings, and there are no makeup dates. Do not sign up for this class unless you can attend the required meetings.

When is assigned work due?

Work is generally due on Fridays for this class.

How do I turn in work?

Work can be turned in four different ways:
  • Hand it to me during office hours
  • Drop in off at the turn in tray in 803
  • Email it to me at - most students use this method
  • In some cases, work can be submitted through Blackboard. This will be apparent when you look at the assignments themselves.

How do I get work back?

You will get graded work back from me via email. You can always check the gradebook in Blackboard to see if you have received credit for work you have turned in. Work is usually returned within one week.

How will I know if my work has been graded?

If the work is emailed to me, you will get a response indicating that it has been graded, with the grade on it. Grades for completed work are stored in the Gradebook in Blackboard which you can find at Tools>My Grades.

How can I find out how I am doing in class?

Check the Gradebook in Blackboard for your grade. From the class menu on the left in Blackboard, select Tools>My Grades.

Why is this class offered? What does it have to do with getting a technical degree?

The idea for this class originated in meetings with our Business Advisory Council. We have a regular meeting with business leaders in this area who hire Las Positas graduates, and we were advised that our students were technically excellent, but needed additional skills in communication specifically in areas that would help them succeed in companies, such as writing, participating in conflict resolution, interviewing, and giving oral presentations. The skill set offered in this class includes some software applications, such as PowerPoint, but also includes more general communications skills.