What if I have to miss a quiz? Can I make it up?

There are weekly quizzes during the semester, and the lowest grade of these gets dropped. Quizzes are online in Blackboard for about four weeks, so there really is no reason you should not be able to complete a quiz at some point in that four week window. If you miss a quiz, that becomes your lowest quiz grade and will be dropped. Missed quizzes cannot be made up but with adequate time and a valid reason, a quiz can sometimes be taken in advance.

Can I use the Final Exam as my missed quiz?

No, the final exam cannot be one of the missed quizzes. You must take the final to pass the class.

I have lots of computer background. Can I test out of CIS50 to take other classes in the department?

If you need CIS50 for your major, you must take the class. If you only need CIS50 as a prerequisite for another CIS class, you can petition that instructor to allow you into the class without taking 50 first. Each instructor has his or her own criteria for letting students into the class who have not completed the prerequisites.

When is homework due?

A schedule for turning in homework is available in Blackboard.

How do I turn in homework?

Homework can be turned in four different ways:
  • Hand it to me
  • Drop in off at the turn in tray in 803
  • Put it in the folder for ungraded work that will be on the desk during each class meeting
  • Email it to me at

How do I get homework back?

There is a folder of graded work with me at each class period for any work that was turned in on paper. You can always check that folder before or after class. The work is in alphabetical order by last name. From time to time, work may be handed out from that folder. Otherwise, you are responsible for collecting your own work.

Emailed work will be returned to you in email.

How will I know if my work has been graded?

If the work is emailed to me, you will get a response indicating that it has been graded, with the grade on it. If the work was handed in on paper, a graded copy will be returned to you via the folder mentioned above. Some of your graded work, such as tests, will be graded via Blackboard, so you can find your completed and evaluated work there. (Tools>MyGrades)

How can I find out how I am doing in class?

There is a Blackboard site maintained for this class, and you can check the gradebook in Blackboard (Tools>My Grades) for grade information. Please note that for some work, such as the attendance quizzes, the gradebook is updated manually, so there may be some time between when you turn in work and when you see it in the gradebook. Additionally, you can email me and ask your grade.

What is the best way to contact you?

Email will always get a faster response than voicemail. My email address is