Can I take all three keyboarding classes, 71a, 71b, and 71c, at one time?

I don't recommend taking all three at once. The three classes are designed to be taken in sequence. Each of the two later classes depend on the student having mastered the work from the previous class. Though it is theoretically possible to take all three during the same semester, most students aren't successful in this attempt. Each class has work due every single week, and you are not ready to attempt the work for the third class in the sequence until you have completed the other two. If you wish to do all three during the same term, please contact me to discuss the schedule for completion.

The class shows as full - can you add me in?

This class tends to be pretty popular, so it does fill up. Make sure to sign up early. Beginning in Spring 2012, the college  will be using at automated wait list system. Information about how the wait list works is located here. Around the beginning of the term, there are always a few people who decide not to stay in the class for whatever reason, so I can sometimes add a couple of additional people. You can email me to ask at that time, and I'll let you know if I can add you. I will not add additional students after the first two weeks of class.

What is the schedule for turning in work for this class?

There are 15 units in this class. You could complete all 15 units in as little as 2 or 3 weeks if you wanted to, though the syllabus is laid out for essentially a complete term. There are due dates for each unit, and penalties for late work, so you can't finish the class if you wait too long to turn in work. A schedule for turning in work appears in the syllabus.

How do I turn in work?

All of your work for this class is stored in an online site connected with the program. This means that I can see your work as it's completed without you having to turn in any reports. More information on how this works is in Blackboard.

What happens if I get behind and need to turn in work late?

Studies show that the best way to learn new material is to do smaller amounts of work at one time - you will learn the material more thoroughly and retain it more completely. If you leave all the work until the end of the term, you probably will not have good results in the class. You can only get partial credit, you won't get ongoing feedback from the instructor, and you may be able to complete enough work for credit if you put off too much of it.

When is homework due?

There are due dates each week, but early work is always accepted.

How can I tell how I am doing in class?

Check the Gradebook in Blackboard. Log into Blackboard, select this class, then select Tools>My Grades.

What should I do if I have trouble figuring out how to use the keyboarding software?

The software publisher's student support site is located here. Las Positas's Distance education support can also help you figure out how to do these tasks. They can be reached at 925.424.1142 during any hours when the computer lab is open. Their web page is located at You can also contact me during my office hour on Tuesday from 9:00-10:00 AM. 

I need a Typing Certificate to show how many words per minute I can type to apply for a job. How do I get one?

Typing Certificates can be prepared for any currently enrolled CIS71 student. You need to visit the Computer Lab in 803 and ask any instructional assistant about the typing certification. The test includes two 5 five minute timed writing sections, so be sure to allow some time to complete it. You will need to do the typing in the presence of the Computer Lab staff, and use good typing technique (in other words, no hunt-and-peck typing; you should be using touch typing technique) in your timed writing.