Chapter 10 Study Guide

Be familiar with the following terms and concepts drawn from lecture on Personality and chapter 10 in the text.

1. How does the text define personality? What does the phrase "relatively stable patterns..." mean?



2. What's the relationship between personality traits and "situations?" How do situational factors influence personality?


3. How did Freud "organize" the mind? What are the three elements of the mind according to Freud? How do they differ from one another?


4. How did Freud describe the structure of personality? Be able to describe the key characteristics and functions of each element of personality.


5. What's the difference between the pleasure principle and the reality principle? What part of personality is each associated with?


6. In Freudian theory, what's the origin of anxiety?


7. What are defense mechanisms and how do they function? Be familiar with the chart describing defense mechanisms on page 384.


8. What are the major criticisms of Freudian personality theory? Draw from text and lecture.


9. How do the theories of Jung and Karen Horney differ from Freud?


10. What are the key concepts associated with Rogers' Humanistic theory of personality?


11. What does Rogers mean by the term "fully functioning person?"


12. According to Rogers', how does one's self concept relate to psychological problems?


13. What are two criticisms of humanistic theories of personality?


14. What are personality traits?


15. What are the three types of traits identified by Allport? How do the three types differ from one another?


16. What are the "big five" personality dimensions?


17. What's one important criticism of trait theories?


18. Bandura's Social Cognitive Theory of Personality introduces the concepts of self-reinforcement and self-efficacy. What do these terms mean?


19. What are two criticisms of social-learning theories of personality?


20. What's the difference between an objective approach to measuring personality and a projective approach? What's an example of each?