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Frequently Asked Questions and responses regarding Psychology 1 are posted here. If you have a question not included, please give me a call or e-mail (see contact info.).

Does Psych. 1 transfer to UC and CSU?

Yes, all UC and CSU campuses will accept Psychology 1 from LPC.

Is attendance required in Psych. 1?

Attendance is required. The College policy on attendance is observed in Psych. 1.

A satisfactory library research paper or a project is required for an A grade (along with exam scores at the B level. Can papers or projects be used to increase the final grade if exam scores are below the B level?

Yes, if your exam scores are at the C level and you complete a satisfactory paper or project, the final course grade will be increased to B. The same applies for all grade levels.

What other Psychology courses are available at LPC that are transferable?

We offer the following transferable Psychology courses:

Psy 3 Problems and Methods in Individual and Social Psychology (3)

Psy 4 Brain, Mind and Behavior (3)

Psy 6 Abnormal Psychology (3)

Psy 8 Human Sexuality (3)

Psy 12 Life-Span Development

Psy 14 Peer Support and Health Education (2)

Psy 15 Problems in Childhood

I'm interested in majoring in psychology. Where can I get information about upper division requirements and four-year schools offering a psychology major?

The Career and Transfer Center in building 900 is a wonderful source of information about psychology majors at many schools. Check with Counselors and psychology faculty as well.

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