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Welcome to Psychology 1


Thanks for checking in on the web site for my Psychology 1 class for Fall 2001! The material included in this web site constitutes the syllabus for the course. You may refer to any section of the site to answer questions or print out as many of the sections as you wish. Psychology 1 is a great course to take for several reasons. It transfers to all UC and CSU campuses and also can be used to satisfy the Social Sciences requirement for the LPC AA degree. Another good reason to take the course is that it will provide you with many practical suggestions for how you can apply psychological concepts and principles in your daily life. For example, taking Psychology 1 will show you how to improve your memory skills. Have you had the experience of meeting a person for the first time and 3 minutes later you have no idea what the person's name is? Learn why that happens and how you can remember information more efficiently.

This web site provides information regarding many aspects of the course. Just go to the area where you have a question or need information. If you need information that's not covered in this site, just send me an e-mail message by going to Contact info.


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